Acacia Concinna Fruit Extract (Shikakai)

Shikakai, known by the names Shika is a potent Ayurvedic remedy for healthy, long hair. This is traditional herb which goes by the scientific name Acacia concinnaIt is mostly found in the tropical forests of the Indian subcontinent. In India Shikakai is a herb cherished especially for hair care. Known to effectively treat hair growth issues, dandruff, and is a natural hair cleanser. 

Thanks to the natural saponins and a mild pH, Shikakai nuts are often called ‘the hair fruit’ in India. Used for centuries as an effective traditional hair cleanser and conditioner. Shikakai extract gently cleanses the hair without stripping it of its protective lipid layer. It stimulates hair growth and strengthens follicles without leaving the hair and scalp dry. The extract makes the hair denser, thicker and silky smooth. Shikakai nut extract has a high content of vitamin C (a natural antioxidant) and vitamins A, D, E and K. The abundance of antioxidants and Vitamin C in the extract boosts collagen production in the scalp. It also prevents free radical damage thus preventing greying of hair and enhancing effective growth.
Reduces hair fall, controls dandruff and relieves skin ailments. From the ancient time, Shikakai is used for strengthening the hair from roots, providing relief, removing itching, dryness, greasiness and scaling of the scalp. Shikakai is a mild cleanser for hair with anti-fungal properties. Shikakai not only prevents premature greying but also retains natural youthfulness of black hair. The essential nutrients and ingredients in Shikakai is extremely beneficial in improving the texture of hair. It cleanses the hair follicles, removes greasiness and makes the hair softer and shinier. Shikakai has a calming and soothing effect due to its potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties properties. Unlike chemical shampoos, which may cause irritation on the inflamed or sensitive scalp, Shikakai provides a cooling effect and subdues the pain.