Mangifera Indica Fruit Extract & Butter (Mango)

The Mango fruit is considered the King of Fruits in India, and cherished especially in the Summer. Mango Butter is a nourishing Butter extracted from the kernel or the seed of the Mango fruit. It has excellent moisturizing and emollient properties. Furthermore, the fragrance of Mango butter is subtle, gentle and fresh, making it the perfect base to infuse essential oils within to prepare perfumes.
Mango Butter works particularly well with sensitive skin. Applying mango butter to your skin has the potential to form a protective barrier that helps your skin retain moisture. Rich source of Vitamin A, it encourages healthy cellular regeneration and preserves the youthful appearance of skin. It alleviates the discomfort of persistent dryness, especially of dry patches. The benefits of Mango butter derive from the nutrients of the Butter including Vitamins E and C. This is why application of this unique butter prevents damage from free radicals in the environment and also protects the skin from sun damage. When your skin is exposed to pollution or sunlight, your skin becomes more susceptible to damage that can lead to premature aging. This wont happen if vitamins E and C levels are replenished.