Lawsonia Inermis (Henna)

Henna, popularly known as Mehendi is one of the most beneficial medicinal plants. Most people associate henna with India as it remains an integral part of the Indian tradition and Ayurveda. Often used to naturally color hair.
Henna helps in restoring the pH of the scalp to its natural acid-alkaline level and controlling excess oil production on the scalp, hence it helps to strengthen the hair follicles. Henna helps to condition and nourish the tresses from deep within. It also has natural antifungal and antimicrobial properties which help to cool and soothe the scalp by controlling the itchiness. Hence, it is known to treat dandruff, smoothen the hair and enhance its lustre and shine. The natural properties of henna help promote healthy hair growth. It is a deeply replenishing herbal conditioner and colorant, that nourishes hair leaving them shiny, soft and silky. It heals the hair shafts and prevents breakage by repairing the cells. Perhaps Henna's most well observed quality is it's natural cooling effect, which offers a delightful tingling sensation to the skin, similar to spearmint. Once this property was discovered, people of the desert, used henna to cool down their bodies. For centuries, mehndi which is the art of henna painting on the body, has been believed to bring love and good fortune.