Crocus Sativus Extract (Saffron)

Saffron is known as Kesar in India and is also considered one of the most expensive spices in the world. Native to the Kashmir region of India, the royal spice has been used for centuries across cultures for flavorsome cooking and its fragrance. In auyrveda is used in skin and hair care for its magical properties.



It’s a natural way to get a fairer, more glowing skin. It is also known to improve skin texture, treats ailments like pigmentation, dark circles, pimples, acne, dark sports and lighten darkened skin. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. In Ayurveda, Saffron is known to give the skin a warm and glowing complexion. It is also serves as a wonderful anti-oxidant to flush toxins out of the body and skin. It soothes and encourages blood circulation. Saffron can nourish the hair, making it healthy and shiny. With its amazing anti-bacterial qualities, saffron is an ideal ingredient for treating acne and breakouts. It holds medicinal properties which help in clearing up acne prone skin. Saffron has healing properties which can hasten the process of skin recovery. Helps lighten marks in the long run.

Pollution, harsh weather and external factors make the skin dull and lifeless. Regular application of saffron product can breathe life into your skin, making it radiant. Since ancient times it has been used for nourishing the skin and makes for an excellent skin toner providing a burst freshness to the skin.